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From: Mazin Qumsiyeh
Cc: Human Rights Newsletter
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 7:17 AM
Subject: [HumanRights] Come to Palestine

(please forward to people outside of Palestine)

Dear friends:

Below is a listing of excellent opportunities to visit Palestine where everyday here brings an experience that lasts a lifetime and in totality makes for a positive change in our life. Connecting us with our humanity while having fun is the true definition of the Buddhist mantra "having joyful participation in the sorrows of this world". Here is where we feel fully alive and fully connected with the best parts of ourselves. Come visit us. Here are videos to give you a preview of these trips

Please read the material below and come to Palestine..

Now is the time, Palestine is the place

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

Palestine is the place to visit, learn, share, and be a witness

The Palestinian Summer Celebration 2009

14 June 2009 – 16 August 2009

June 14th – July 12th 2009 (first month)
July 13th – August 16th 2009 (second month)

Come and celebrate Palestine ! The Palestinian Summer Celebration is a unique
annual program that gives people from all over the world the chance to
encounter the life, culture, and politics of Palestine . Learn Arabic and study
Palestinian history at Bethlehem University , spend time with local families
and volunteer with a community organization.

The Palestinian Summer Celebration 2009 will take place in Bethlehem from June
14th to August 16th. The program consists of two terms: June 14th to July 12 th
, and July 13th to August 16th. Program participants can choose to stay for one
or both terms. The celebration is organized by Siraj Center for Holy Land
Studies in partnership with Bethlehem University ( and the
U.S.-based Society for Biblical Studies ( Program participants
will have the opportunity to meet and learn with accomplished speakers,
experts, activists, and officials.

For more information please visit:

The Nativity Trail 2009

There is still some places available for the April 2009 Walk

Proudly Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies and the Alternative Tourism group
(ATG) announce re inaugurating the Nativity Trail, from Nazareth to Bethlehem
in 2009.

Now, 2000 years later, the modern-day city of Bethlehem - home of the
Millennium - invites you to make a symbolic and historic journey by walking
Palestine's Nativity Trail.

The carefully researched route-a 11-day journey is the first leg of the new
Palestine Trail.

Meeting the People Walking the Nativity Trail will be an opportunity to meet a
diverse range of people: Franciscan priests on Mount Tabor, Muslim clerics at
village mosques, Greek Orthodox monks in desert monasteries, hillside farmers
and their families, small-town shopkeepers and craftspeople, Bedouin shepherds
watering their flocks at ancient cisterns, and many more interesting people.

The Nativity Trail is an opportunity to understand the Geopolitical situation
in the Holy land by observing it while walking through the valleys and
mountains of Palestine. It give participants the chance to have a first hand
experience of the situation on the ground.

The Nativity trial, not just a journey, it is a journey of dialogue, openness
and interaction with new people.

Participants will be able to understand the flora and Fauna of Palestine and
the bible, and will be able to embrace the culture that lasted in Palestine for
thousands of years.


23 Apr 2009 until 04 May 2009
08 Oct 2009 until 19 Oct 2009
29 Oct 2009 until 09 Nov 2009
12 Nov 2009 until 23 Nov 2009
13 Dec 2009 until 24 Dec 2009

For more information about the Nativity Trail please visit our website:

You are most welcome,

George S. Rishmawi
Siraj, Center For Holy Land Studies
Beit Sahour, School Street
P.O.Box 48
Tel: +972 2 274 8590
Fax: +972 2 274 8774
Mobile: 0599 180 872
USA number: 1 989 607 9480

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