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04.08.2010 08:58
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For peace in the Middle East

Cycling for peace 2011 from Brussels to Jerusalem,
in the name of the European Union

After our successfull Austrian cycling-for-peace-tour 2009 from Vienna to Jerusalem I would like to invite now people from all countries of the European Union, to share another action for a lasting peace in Israel/Palestine.
The success of our peace-tour in 2009 from Easter, April 13th until 21st of May, the traditional “Jerusalem day” accomplished in a development of a rather mixed group of Austrians within the 40 days of our tour to a peacekeeping, peacewilling little community and, back in Austria, we spread out our ideas of a peace for the Middle East in seminaries, discussions, speeches.

Europe has a responsibility for the future in the Middle East.
If there will be only a few cyclists of each member-country of the EU, this cycling-for-peace-tour will be a strong sign, that cant be overseen. It would be preferable, if also not-yet-members of the EU would join our peace-tour.
I understand this tour as an invitation to Jews, Christians and muslims, but also to everybody in Europe, who wants to contribute to peace in the Middle East.

The aim of the cycling for peace-tour is to demonstrate, that we Europeans really feel for all people in the Middle East and that we long for a peaceful together-with or at least coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians, jews and Muslims. I’m convinced, that it will be possible for the children, more: the friends of One God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ismail, to respect each other and to enable a development in peace, security and economic welfare for both, the Israelis as well as the Palestinians.
The day of the start could be – like in 2009 – the Easter Monday – the traditional day of peace-marches in Europe. The national groups could start in their capitals join the main group at the latest in Istanbul, the bridge between Europe and the Orient.

Shalom, Salam, Peace

Werner Ertel
Cycling-for-peace-tour Vienna-Jerusalem 2009
Laglerstraße 3
A-3390 Melk

Tel 0043-(0)2752-51523

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