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Johnsonvzi ( Gast )

02.05.2013 21:58
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seefrelugstet ( Gast )

03.05.2013 06:08
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Andersonuv ( Gast )

03.05.2013 22:53
#63 big bags Antworten

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qYbVaQdstU ( Gast )

03.05.2013 23:07
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rXsKdnjgs ( Gast )

04.05.2013 00:38
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mHoPergpT ( Gast )

04.05.2013 01:30
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ywprdjlhka ( Gast )

06.05.2013 10:00
#67 Beijing creates home first retire the athlete gives aid to special fund in new network Antworten

Beijing creates home first retire the athlete gives aid to special fund -- in new network
One-time allowance is highest 50 thousand
Subsidy of 50 thousand yuan of one-time life was taken yesterday in training by the egret of serious scar. "The situation of egret is very special, but the country has relevant regulation, retire one-time living allowance of the athlete is highest can 50 thousand yuan, " Zhang Huanzhi says. 2007, egret of 18 years old gets hurt when reed city physical culture school trains cause vertebral loss, life barely provides for oneself, her formal athlete career has only 6 short month. "Bicycle team has a few allowance to her, we also can pay close attention to egret regularly. " Zhang Huanzhi says such similar egret team member still has a lot of, heads of some team member femur are necrotic already cannot recover, they can use this to give aid to fund helps these retiring as far as possible athlete.
Assiduously study undergraduate course allowance 6000
"We have a draft, want the study that you are having undergraduate course or above only, give aid to with respect to what can take us the allowance of record of formal schooling in fund. " because give aid to fund second half of the year just is started, what Zhang Huanzhi says at present neither one newspaper is approved is formal give aid to plan, "Should enter boreal system only big, head the school such as body courtyard has undergraduate course study, allowance of every school year 1000 yuan, fill again when graduation 2000 yuan, come down 4 years to be met in all allowance 6000 yuan. If take an examination of,go up graduate student, every month allowance 2000 yuan, when graduation one-time give 5000 yuan of award again. " what took subsidy of this one record of formal schooling yesterday is mutual 11 people, the thunder of natant team member that retired 2008 is in Beijing sports university to learn at present, on this year big the thunder of 3 expresses to be able to use this allowance to sign up for class of an English study, raise English level.
Special fund in all 3 action
Of special fund give aid to to seeming Beijing came 2008 the athlete that <a href="UR"L>Nike Shox Outlet</a> retires between 2013, include to register the provincial town athlete that plays the game on behalf of Beijing. Introduce according to Zhang Huanzhi of secretary-general of Beijing sports foundation, this special fund produces 3 effect in all, it is to retire the athlete offers record of formal schooling to teach allowance and award, raise oneself quality and culture level in order to encourage them; 2 it is to retire the athlete offers professional skill to groom, help them complete professional transition as soon as possible; 3 it is to be the athlete that train and the accident produces to cause deformity in match process to offer one-time extra allowance for living expanses to wait.

mqgznjwagm ( Gast )

06.05.2013 10:14
#68 CBA stars Yuanxiao night gets cold reception completely blindly imitated NBA lacks Chinese distinguishing feature Antworten

CBA stars Yuanxiao night gets cold reception completely blindly imitated NBA lacks Chinese distinguishing feature
On Feburary 24 Yuanxiao night, the complete star that CBA complete star weighs a head most on the weekend is being surpassed act in Guangzhou sports art the center is performed. Advanced acoustical photoelectricity technology turned match spot into a large stage, yi Jianlian and also not be short of a hotspot with the dialog in cloth. Final " advocate " the Yi Jianlian that fight gets 34 minutes alone, lead south division team 120: Team of division of 117 conquer north while, also bursa of MVP pot income in. But race site is not worth rate of 7 become seat of honour, lack the contest buckling basket of originality and 3 minutes of contests, and numerous star people the performance that does not give power, still make CBA complete star contest was immersed in an awkward condition again. Fan people also can't help wanting to ask: Imitate NBA blindly, devoid characteristic, what should we take to save you, my CBA stars completely! The project is drab take off hard " mountain fastness NBA " the name if the complete star NBA on the weekend assimilate to an abundant is royal eat, the complete star of that CBA can be foreign rubbish food only on the weekend. No matter be of mobile project,pack conduct propaganda, it is to act accordingly almost NBA stars completely, so at this late hour is taken off hard also " mountain fastness NBA " renown date. CBA although had gone,spend nearly 20 year up to now, but mountain fastness flavour still very sufficient. Challenge of the astral acute competition that sets in the match, skill, 3 minutes with the contest that buckle basket still complete star is being surpassed, almost with NBA be exactly the same, only difference also depends on CBA complete star game became little " the star of shoot a basket is surpassed " . Additional, the program of match clearance establishs ties, if spend type basketball,performance, spot mascot performance, bearing is mixed do strange gimmick to wait to follow NBA be exactly the same. Still have a sponsor embedded form, participate in commonweal activity, player come on the stage reach the kind that pack also almost NBA of copy word for word. The CBA complete star this year was surpassing as it happens to catch the first month of the lunar year 15 Yuanxiao night. Original, sponsorring just is to want to use so rare opportunity to reflect Chinese element well in the match. Every come on the stage star carries a lantern, and top player spot returns an audience people sent a blessing. But because the expressional power of Chinese player is real finite, sponsor the meaning with a little outsmart oneself instead of square this one arrangement. Look at team member people bashful expression, and jerky speech, still can't help giving birth to a pity in fan heart. Window is searched hard " fur " learn easily " marrow " god-given the originality that the CBA complete star this year buckles Lan Guanjun Di Yi to depending on car of saltant advertisement storage battery gains the championship finally. This can'ts help letting fan couplet remember NBA starred completely 2012 on on the weekend, case Li Fenfei jumps the one act that the car gains the championship. It is both wonderful degree differs only more than a class. Nowadays when Chinese fan can enjoy game of Gao Shuiping NBA everyday almost, CBA is illuminated so learn " fur " can't help letting a person feel dull insipidity. Actually, complete star surpasses CBA most should " mountain fastness " is NBA the excited spot that locates every year on the weekend for complete star, for instance division comparing was mixed 2009 O'Neil's reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or rupture, still NBA name lodges for the night to be aided with what perform art group famous person blast, complete after all what bright star needs on the weekend is passion. Resemble this year full name on the weekend, groups of big fries battle of Wang Zhi Zhi Tui in heat problem before contest. If sponsor square intentional, can use Wang Zhi completely to most those who make this complete star " softhearted card " , with respect to contest of complete like the NBA 2003 star, all players try to help sb to fulfill his wishes Jordan goes carrying off like MVP of the last complete star, regrettablly the MVP of CBA complete star this year or by Yi Jianlian income in bursa, big Zhi Ye just reduced minor role. Treat Zhi Ji to exit complete star likely as next year king, nearly 10 years Lai Ge established the generation star that does not fall to exit historical arena almost. Develop more every year than starring completely at NBA at full speed, already became like division comparing " old person " , even Zhanmusi, Wei De has been Mesozoic Era. The complete star of CBA future on the weekend will more awkward. Leading role goes slow time awkwardness team member does not exert oneself the time that complete star surpasses, all the time very awkward. Before 8 strong preparing for war the contest after season, a lot of players do not put idea on complete star contest, a few veteran to prepare for war better season hind is surpassed, flat and direct quited complete star game. And the star that provides appeal power quite so like Mai Di, as a result of special account, add sponsor square ignored, make this most can the star of absorbing gas is regretful also missed complete star. "Complete star contest often arranges CBA to be surpassed after groovy contest and season between, the star of the contest after those are hit into season won't go out main, fear to get hurt; And the person in the team that was washed out, also do not have reason to go out main. " the say when a coach is analysing complete star to surpassing duller and duller reason. Although current complete star hit 120: The high score of 117, but the wonderful camera lens in the match is very few, not much wonderful cooperate to also come from Mabuli almost, outstanding special such foreign aids. Surpass awkward timeline in view of complete star, the outside also has offerred many proposals. Somebody offers to star completely best on the weekend can arrange in that way like NBA hold in sports season metaphase, come foreign aids of big shop sign won't have departure reason right now; Moreover; At this moment the attention of condition and fan spends the body of the player to also be in groove. Nevertheless such proposal is returned finally is " disappear forever " . Look however with round of number that at present CBA convention surpasses, will complete star puts sports season metaphase on the weekend still is not a well-advised choice really. This edition article / special correpondent Du Jincheng (our newspaper Guangzhou on Feburary 24 report) MVP of of reinforced material of A couplet results Mabuli surpasses foreign aids MVP into CBA convention the first person on Feburary 24, CBA complete star falls in Guangzhou on the weekend next heavy curtain. "Press an axis to make fun of greatly " complete star is being surpassed final with south the triumph of division team ends. The award that MVP still surpasses convention while Yi Jianlian is harvesting complete star MVP in pulling a bosom. And the award of MVP of groovy contest foreign aids that sets for the first time this year be obtained by the Mabuli of Beijing team. This sports season, basket assist MVP of groovy to CBA contest and total final MVP are chosen undertook reform, in groovy contest level sets two the most valuable player, domestic player and foreign aids judge each, and total final has a MVP only, foreign aids also can be participated. 24 days morning, poll through 47 media, the MVP that surpasses domestic player finally in convention judges pitch on, yi Jianlian is elected with 229 minutes, auspicious Zhe gets 119 minutes ranking 2, zhu Fang rain ranks 105 minutes 3. Foreign aids respect, mabuli is elected with 175 minutes optimal, the Jietede of Shandong team arrives 137 minutes, abasi 111 minutes. After surpassing complete star MVP to be taken that evening, yi Jianlian also becomes player of MVP of chief of reinforced material, and Mabuli is the first player that wins foreign aids MVP. This sports season convention surpasses Yi Jianlian to come on the stage 30 times for Guangdong team, all get 25.9 minutes is native land player highest, have 10.2 backboard and 1.8 lids hat additionally, guangdong team also with 28 get the better of 4 negative continue to hold a title again groovy contest champion. In win two MVP award hind, yi Jianlian expresses: "A lot of elements form such honor, include the result of team, rank, oneself expression, teammate people very trustful I, give me the ball all the time, the contribution that I feel this is everybody " . CBA stars contest individual event surpasses a furnace completely on the west coronate of heating power river " 3 minutes of king " in complete star <a href="UR"L>Cheap Jordans</a> the field in contest rests in, the spot undertook 3 minutes of skill challenge, long shot and the final of the contest that buckle basket. Final, of Xinjiang team on the west heating power river beats Wei Mian champion with high component of 21 minutes Zhu Yan is snatched on the west " 3 minutes of king " , and the Liu Xiaoyu of Amphitryon Guangdong team and delinquency of the regret in be surpassed in skill respectively loftily and buckling basket contest champion, guo Ailun continued to hold a title skill challenge champion, coronate of ease of a surname of Shanghai team young general buckles basket king. Insecurity of 23 days of it may be said of preliminary contest of 3 minutes of contests that undertake are exciting, zhu Yan on the west, Xi Dubi reachs heating power Jiang Hekun on the west Haisilipu pitching 16 minutes, the Haisilipu in increasing competition along with the 30 seconds of junior travel pitching suffers 6 minutes fall into disuse, zhu Yan on the west hit the target finally promotion of alarmingly dangerous of a ball. Come to finals, on the west condition of heating power river is fervent, high component of 21 minutes beats his pitching Zhu Yan is mixed on the west prevent than carrying off champion, be worth what carry is, he also is CBA3 the 5th notch player of more than 20 minutes. In skill challenge, the play after Allan of Guo of the champion that defend crown comes on the stage is general, appeared a few times on the link that attacks the ground to pass a ball error, do not pass or defend crown successfully with 39 seconds. And Liu Xiaoyu is to fall in long shot link, 5 balls are cast entirely lose be punished 10 seconds, put an end to the hope that contend for a coronal. Another Guangdong native land star is loftily in the contest that buckle basket also is regretful delinquency champion, he took full marks in preliminary contest of the contest that buckle basket, wrong in finals however, especially the 2nd round of successive bos that buckle basket, look at helplessly fall by champion. Ease of a surname of Shanghai team young general buckles basket performance by right of what write down saltant gym shoes, coronate buckles basket king.

mlczlkwgef ( Gast )

06.05.2013 18:43
#69 Manjinizan Bei Shuai world top class graceful city header We compare a shoulder cling to Sa0 Antworten

Manjinizan Bei Shuai world top class graceful city header: We compare a shoulder cling to Sa
Since Beinitesi since taking over Qieerxi, he gets all the time of La Jun fan all sorts of " courteous reception " , as long as be advocate field match, spread all over on Stanford bridge bleachers " pull a law to go person " " we do not play a way " the banner catchphrase of model of written characters. Yesterday, before Liverpudlian advocate handsome won support eventually, just this is not come from oneself fan, however the adversary of semifinal of sufficient total cup graceful city.
Because,be probably oneself handsome also one cannot say for sure is complete, strange Buddhist nun of graceful castellan Shuaiman conveyed what encounter to Beinitesi to sympathize with on the press conference before contest. Manjini expresses: "I think to play a way is practice of a good bishop, he should not get such pay, he works hard not only, and also obtained right result in Qieerxi. The football is very strange thing, but he remains one of the most outstanding bishop practice on this heavenly body. But he remains one of the most outstanding bishop practice on this heavenly body..
The returning that attends a news briefing together with Manjini has David - Xierwa, turning meeting before graceful city, xierwa all the time Lun Xiya of effect not adept, and the episcopal practice of batty at that time army group is Beinitesi. Say of the field in Spain: ", I attended to be the same as Kasidi in his at hand always friendship contest, that is 9 or 10 years ago. Of course, I am in all the time later devote one's life to of his at hand, he is a very special and outstanding bishop practice. I witnessed him to be in Liverpudlian taking success, he is great episcopal practice, what he studies to match tactics not only is very lucid, and extremely rich also creativity, nobody can reach his analytic power to the football. Nobody can reach his analytic power to the football..
Local time 13 days, graceful city whole group takes the train to head for Wenbuli, kongpani also accepted captain to interview, he states graceful city is European top class club, attribute same level with graceful couplet and Barcelona.
Kongpani thinks, since Mansuer since cacique takes over a club, people grows day and day to the expectation of graceful city, and no matter La Yueliang is attendant go up or the consequence below field also gets remarkable promotion. In the meantime, kongpani is this sports season appearance " sit switchback " , although be compared in Mancunian heart in 2 than 1 Li Keman couplet, but lose Wei Mian the hope is disappointing still: "We obtained striking <a href="UR"L>Wholesale Retro Jordan</a> progress, it is not only on field, still have below field. The club has been the style of big club completely, and we are returned two years ago cannot so say. But we had established a standard now, so we cannot again downhill. So we cannot again downhill.. (Responsibility edits: Zhao Sai one)

ngykwovuep ( Gast )

07.05.2013 12:06
#70 Alma mater of regain of numerous nation base recalls childhoodAFM Antworten

nt hey, our CBA stars weekend is NBA complete star almost completely the reprint on the weekend, the complete star that different is a family weekend is really happy, and our how many some holidays hey. As a result of time apart very close, so fan stars very easily be compared between on the weekend completely in two, during NBA stars completely, completely beautiful fan is met gather hold the ground, the star also is driven all sorts of mixing attend like field of fan, media interactive, built the fine time of basketball truly, and our player people be closed to be in from beginning to end almost the guesthouse that is far from the urban district, fan even if is to ask for an autograph to need to pay more time cost, as to should some fan and player are interactive, in complete star still be too little in on the weekend. Look in NBA player, star the activity on the weekend also is one of their jobs completely, better <a href="UR"L>Cheap Air Jordans</a> please fan is essential, letting popular feeling of development of league matches brand is a target, more or less does our league matches have on this some copy a form, if not from go up at all change, such complete star appears to touch the recreational glamour of a star hard also. The match that performance of little a bit is about to pack meticulously became little " beautiful " no matter the feeling is the fan that is driven toward the spot, still be the fan that yesterday evening expect watchs the game before the television, hope the basketball that after from complete star the feeling in on the weekend is different from groovy contest and season, can surpass tastes, but the person of apparent disappointment is more. Player coach delicacy has expressional desire, let outfit of this essence pericardium " beautiful " feel beautifully less. Of course, just end in groovy contest, the contest after season will open hit vital link to go up after two days, the n/COL the head of a family star that allows each these team drops league matches target, systemic a person's mind and fan are interactive recreation also tries to do a difficult job as best one can really. And no matter be Younasi or Min Lu Lei, think in the heart also be how to had been hit next the contest after season, have nothing to do to the performance of victory or defeat, they are dealt with very easily also likewise finish sth. Because CBA league matches is groovy game time is too short, how arranging complete star to surpass time is a difficult problem really, put in groovy contest among find time very hard, and end of the contest after be being put in season nevers mention it is foreign aids early come home, it is domestic player very difficult also again refresh performance. So present complete star surpasses time more resembling is the optimal time that a compromise comes out paragraph, this nature lets the match easily also become more additional like what finishing player of a star job. Having contest of new change convention a bit to add foreign aids MVP is to al

Phillipsqi ( Gast )

07.05.2013 13:12
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pHdKoXdsiZ ( Gast )

07.05.2013 16:01
#72 The Chanel replicas are on tap in colors; these all-natural colors can effortlessly mix with solidity complexion and clothes type. Antworten

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tSsMergnT ( Gast )

07.05.2013 16:32
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Phillipskr ( Gast )

08.05.2013 13:33
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Andersonsc ( Gast )

09.05.2013 23:28
#75 ???? Antworten

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