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 Graceful couplet is the fastest 3 rounds hind coronate 29 battle 24 surpass smooth history record (2)

Graceful couplet is the fastest 3 rounds hind coronate 29 battle 24 surpass smooth history record
In graceful city a little accident ground is defeated by Aifudu hind, graceful couplet is in advocate field is relatively relaxed ground 1-0 beats Lei Ding of the team that maintain level, enlarged the lead dominant position on integral a list of names posted up 15 minutes, graceful couplet still leaves 9 races now with graceful city, this means graceful couplet to want to obtain 13 minutes to be able to carry off again only the Yingchao champion of this sports season, that is to say 9 graceful couplet can lose 14 minutes finally, and this sports season undertakes now, graceful couplet just lost 13 minutes 29 times. Graceful couplet is in last sports season finally 6 rounds precede be turned over by graceful city below circumstance of 8 minutes dish, accordingly although this sports season is current situation auspicious, but Ferguson still is retaining discretion, after this field surpasses, he appears very low-key: "The business that should do exclusively now wins below one long arm to surpass namely, we are pair of Sang Delan below one, every time over there be a guest special difficulty, it is next advocate field is right graceful city, if complacent word is to take those who be less than integral and champion medal,everybody is clear about. If complacent word is to take those who be less than integral and champion medal,everybody is clear about.. Although Ferguson is low-key, but the person of 99% does not think graceful city can perform a miracle again now, the media of England thinks the champion of the 20th top class league matches of graceful couplet is time problem only, graceful couplet whether gain the championship as early as possible, see graceful couplet whether the momentum that continuance gains a ball ceaselessly before this sports season (win below 24) before 29 times, continue to win. And their present achievement is chased after made the same score hot thorn (1960-61 sports season) with Qieerxi (2005-06 sports season) create and retentive the historical record that before 29 rounds of England that win below 24 carry class league matches on the head, now the only question about Yingchao champion is when this champion arises. Graceful couplet gains the championship the most quickly was on April 14, this date gains the championship contentedly next 3 rounds of graceful couplet take 7 minutes more than graceful city, this possibility is very <a href="UR"L>Air Jordan 14 for sale</a> little, if consider graceful couplet to take 13 minutes only, na Manlian needs 5 rounds at least, can gain the championship the most quickly on April 23 that is to say. And before May, graceful couplet has 6 league matches, there are graceful city and Asenna only in these 6 adversary can greater opportunity nick graceful couplet, that is to say, even if graceful couplet cannot gain the championship with the rapiddest rate on April 14, that also has very large possibility to gained the championship in April. Afore-mentioned nevertheless gain the championship undertake concluding returning having uncertainty, that is contest of sufficient total cup, if graceful couplet is in,the sufficient total cup that had on April 1 promotes in the 6th round of replay, will go on April 14 so field of lukewarm cloth benefit kicks semifinals, the league matches April 14 will adjourn, this can postpone the winning date of graceful couplet, but this is inessential thing apparently, to present graceful couplet, also not be what important matter a little while late. Bensaijiman the result that couplet obtains in Ying Chao, be regarded as to be a miracle by practice of many Ying Chao's bishop, can precede in the Ying Chao with intense competition so much, a lot of people want to be less than before sports season, precede when graceful couplet 12 time-sharing, practice of many Ying Chao's bishop are opposite such achievement acclaim as the peak of perfection, and now is further. Will look from the battle array, how much doesn't the card of graceful city and Qieerxi differ than graceful couplet, but difference is so big now, among them graceful couplet bishop drills Ferguson is main factor, what this makes ginger of person deep feeling old still is hot. Article origin: Netease sports(responsibility edits: Pei Yushu)

ufcuozbqzg, 10.05.2013 17:22
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